Bike Trainers – Bringing the Road Inside

Turbo Trainer

One of the trends slowing gaining popularity in mainstream media is cycling. Social networks have shown the upsides of using a bike for transportation, whether to work or just around the town. It brings a huge advantage to help better your cardiovascular health. And when it’s terrible outside but you still need that workout, just bring the bike under the roof and use one of the nifty indoor bike trainers ( often called Turbo Trainers ) to help you check that workout off your to-do list.

A turbo trainer is useful in that you only need the trainer and your bike as equipment to workout, allowing you to use outdoor equipment indoors when outside conditions aren’t favorable. It’s a money saver as well. You don’t need to buy costly exercise machines to enjoy your workouts – and you are training on your regular bike and the angle that it forces you to ride in.

The stand itself has a solid frame that attaches to the rear axle of your bike. This attachment helps maintain and adjust resistance. There are several types of bike trainers available in the market today. Fluid trainers have gotten great reviews for the way it imitates outdoor biking conditions. When you pedal faster, resistance increases as well. Wind bike trainers give you this same realistic outdoor experience. Magnetic trainers are just as reliable, although its level of resistance doesn’t rely on your speed. The roller trainer, another type of stand, is more difficult to use because it incorporates balance into the workout. For those of you who are avid fans of multitasking, this training isn’t for you. Your attention has to be on attempting to stay stable, not on checking your Instagram account. Choose wisely—find which stand you find suits your needs most.

Using the indoor bike trainer is a bit of a different experience from the outdoors. Indoors, there are no stoplights and potholes and turning tight corners in traffic that slow you down. Your aerobic workout is uninterrupted and continuous this way.

There are plenty of workouts that can be done with a bike trainer. I’ve learned that using it is in some ways just like using an exercise bike. It is, in other words, the cheaper alternative to the same workout. To work out with a stand, there are a few options. The first is doing drills, a mixture of constant pedaling with both legs for a couple of minutes followed by at least 30 seconds of one-foot pedaling. The next is speed intervals. It will help you progress in power and speed. Alternate between several minutes of easy pedaling and several more minutes of fast-speed pedaling.

Another type of workout can be easily achieved by raising the front wheel in an incline using the stand. (Note that this doesn’t work with bike roller trainers.) In this position, you can do climbing bursts. It’s similar to biking uphill, and requires the same exertion with the legs.

These outdoor workouts can be enjoyed indoors, with a price range between $50 and $200 for durable trainers. There are much more expensive stands out there, but these are for the very serious and committed bikers. Again, choose whichever fits your needs most.

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